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Manabu Yamana (Dragon Quest III programmer) Ever wondered how they actually made NES games? What kind of set-up they had, and computer equipment, and how it all looked? Here’s a diagram from the lead programmer of Dragon Quest III. official websiteCompile Design Documents – Guardian Legend, MUSHA, and Aleste Gaiden. Ever wondered what the design documents for NES games looked like? Here’s a detailed look at Guardian Legend on the NES (hybrid shmup with RPG bits), plus some arcade shooters. Be sure to pause and zoom in. An Interview with Michitaka Tsuruta, creator of Bomb Jack and Solomon’s Key More design documents, this time for Solomon’s Key, comparing the arcade and NES versions, plus NES puzzler Fire ‘n’ Ice. Interview with Enix programmer Toru Hidaka Old-school programming for NEC’s PC-88 computer series. We also dig down deep and look at the utilities which coders would make, allowing graphics artists to create detailed pixel art, musicians to convert sheet music into chiptunes, and map tools for laying out the stages.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Gamasutra: John Szczepaniak’s Blog – Unprecedented raw footage of the Japanese games industry

selection interview

selection interview

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