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UMA staff in their pink scrubs from left to right: Hailey Wood, Dan Soschin and Erika Espitia 22, at the Amalie Arena. In addition, the institution is encouraging staff members to donate to this worthy cause. The first 150 employees to individually donate will receive a UMA pink scrub top to wear at the walk, showing support for breast cancer awareness while demonstrating school pride. Last year, UMA and its staff donated more than $5,000 for the event, and the institution has raised more than $20,000 throughout its years of participation. We love events like this, where we can get out and be active within the community, said Dan Soschin, UMAs vice president who is spearheading the schools philanthropy initiatives. As a healthcare-focused school, this is a cause near and dear to the hearts of our staff, students, faculty and alumni. We regularly promote health and wellness within our organization. Sponsoring Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a wonderful opportunity to place focus on research for a cure and support for those fighting cancer. Were honored to raise funds for cancer research, patient support, prevention and early detection. Mallory McLean, Community Manager for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Hillsborough, said: Because of the determination of Making Strides supporters like Ultimate Medical Academy, the American Cancer Society is able to be there for people in every community affected by breast cancer, whether theyre currently dealing with a diagnosis, may face one in the future or will avoid it altogether because of education and risk reduction. About UMA UMA is a nonprofit healthcare educational institution with a national presence.

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Soft-Skills Questions for Medical Billing Medical billers need a unique combination of soft skills, Crawford says. Check Out Your URLThis can be about very controversial issues such as abortion or euthanasia, but it can also be about healthcare rationing, Medicare/immigrant healthcare, preventative medicine, withdrawal or withholding nutrition/hydration, assisted suicide, etc. Send a handwritten note to interviewers or to everyone on a panel as soon as possible, unless the school asks that you not do this. Can you convince me that you can cope with the workload in medical school? What field of medicine are you interested in? What type of people do you get along with well? State what YOU believe, but be able to back it up and explain why you believe that. see Sample Interview Question Video: Volunteering 3.

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