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19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Novel Drugs and Devices to Lower Intraocular Pressure, 2016 – 2026″ report to their offering. The Novel Drugs and Devices to Lower Intraocular Pressure, 2016 – 2026′ report provides an extensive study of the emerging market of such novel drugs, devices and surgical procedures for the treatment of elevated IOP. The focus of this study is on the applications of these novel treatment options, both marketed and under development, and their likely mid to long term evolution. These treatment options claim to provide consistent benefits related to IOP lowering and are anticipated to gain widespread adoption in the foreseen future. The report covers various aspects of this market; some of these are outlined below: – A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of novel drugs and devices, key players involved, the status of development of various pipeline products and the target patient segments. – Comprehensive profiles covering mechanism of action, clinical trial details and associated developments of Rho-associated protein kinase (ROCK) inhibitors, ROCK / norepinephrine transporter (NET) inhibitors and NO donating prostaglandins in late stage of development. – Comprehensive profiles highlighting the IOP reduction approach, key performance drivers, safety and efficacy of novel surgical procedures that have been approved or are in advanced stages of development. – Comparative analysis of MIGS devices based on various parameters such as drainage route, length of the implant, involvement of conjunctiva, type of procedure (ab interno or ab externo), procedure duration and ability of the device to treat 360 degrees. – An informed view on the likely future evolution of such novel drugs, sustained release drug delivery devices and surgical procedures over the next decade. This includes sales forecasts of six novel drugs, including Rhopressa, Roclatan and Vesneo.

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Sell yourself well during an interview to get that job you want. You need to assert your self-confidence and skills when interviewing for a job. You need a good sales pitch for employment interviews. It can be just a minute or so. Get More InfoThe main thing is that you have it committed to memory so it sounds natural.

tips for medical interview

This article covers sample of job interview questions for physician assistants and provides tips on answering these questions. A well-informed opinion can set you apart from most of the other interviewees. I will always look at my more skilful classmate and I was always anxious to learn from them. –this is a good opportunity to defend or explain bad grades, etc. You wouldn’t walk in to the cat or an Oreo test without pepping for it first, would you? Alexander is an original member of momma, and still proud to be a mom and MD! What did you think about it? The staff may not be ready for you yet and it can be a bit awkward to be milling about as they set up the breakfast tray or lay out the folders and name tags. Are you a leader or a follower? Give evidence that you relate well with others.

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