Questions For Consideration With Choosing Elements For Job Negotiation

PHOTO BY ALEX SAKARIASSEN House, to be Secretary of the Interior. That’s great news for Zinke, who can apply the expertise he acquired during two years in Congress and 22 years as a Navy SEAL to the management of America’s public lands. But as is so often the case, what’s good for the nation is confusing for Montana. Assuming Zinke is confirmed, we will have to select a new delegate to the House. State law calls for a special election between 85 and 120 days after the seat is vacated. click here to find out moreThe same law authorizes the governor to appoint a temporary representative in the meantime, but Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party, agrees with Republican Chairman Jeff Essman that that’s probably unconstitutional. “We are headed toward an election, and that is not only the law, but the U.S. Constitution,” she told Helena’s KXLH. “Even though there’s a little bit of variability there with what the state law says, it’s not consistent with the U.S.” That’s the kind of hard-nosed negotiation that has become synonymous with Democratic politics.

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Career goals. How in-demand is your own skillet? Negotiation is all about exchanging ideas, possible solutions and information. You can weigh the options you have. Don’t be worried about losing the job offer after asking for time to decide. Don’t be the first to mention salary during the interview, but use the negotiating tips listed below when the topic does come up. “When would you like an answer?” Does the policy cover just you or eligible dependants also?

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