Some Growing Challenges In Useful Systems Of Interview Body Language

Yes, the other thing important to me, even if it doesnt look like an artistic choice, is the way we shot conversations in an asymmetrical way. In the first interview with Clement, played by Denis Podalydes, Clement look straight towards the camera and we dont see Cluzet. I wanted the spectator to feel that they are being scrutinized by Deniss character, just as Duval is. In the reverse shot of Cluzet, Podalydes is in the frame. The inclusion in shot of Denis back serves to make Francois seem to be cornered, to have his back against the wall, almost literally. The Eavesdropper is about confrontation, so as Cluzet becomes stronger, the shot-reverse shot setups becomes more symmetrical. you think that France is seeing some kind of comeback in genre? Especially crime thrillers from a younger generation of filmmakers. think so.

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interview body language

interview body language

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