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“It’s one of those targets where agencies will continue to work on it, and we’re going to continue to work with agencies.” Lisa Haralampus, NARA’s director of records management policy and outreach, told FCW she thinks that very few agencies will report in 2017 that they are printing and filing emails. On the other hand, end-to-end electronic management won’t be the rule either. “We do expect them to be in some middle ground,” she said, where agencies have systems and policies in place but aren’t quite where they want to be. “We recognize that email management is a continuing ongoing activity. Agencies are always acquiring new systems,” she said. a job interview“But [Dec. 31, 2016] was our target, and we think many agencies will hit it.” NARA tried to smooth the road by putting out a template for agencies to use to identify email accounts to target for preservation for records purposes. About half of all federal agencies intend to use this guidance, dubbed Capstone, although to date NARA has approved only about a dozen agency Capstone plans. The passage of the 2016 deadline also opens the door for oversight. It will soon be apparent that there are multiple actors watching what agencies are doing to meet the directive’s goals. There aren’t many compliance mechanisms in the world of records management.

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respiratory medicine

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respiratory medicine

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